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Roof Cleaning in Bowie

When homeowners hear the word “mold,” they typically think of a house with poor drainage and water leaks, but mold can appear on your siding and roof as black streaks. Many homeowners in Bowie try to clean it themselves by climbing onto their roof and scrubbing with harsh chemicals, or blasting their shingles with a pressure washer, but those methods are not necessary.

At Adwell Services, we know that regular roof washing can help avoid these problems before they start, but what can you do if your roof has black streaks and patches? The solution is our soft roof washing service. We use gentle jets of water to deliver cleaning agents to your roof that will get rid of mold and moss, but not harm your roof. At the end, we rinse it all away and you’re left with a clean roof!

How Often Should You Wash Your Roof?

The frequency at which you need to wash your roof depends on many factors: where you live in Bowie, how much sun you get, whether your roof has a north-facing side, if you have trees around your home (they drop leaves and debris that can contribute to mold growth), and of course, how old your roof is. If your roof has a north-facing side, or valleys that never seem to get any sun, these areas can be particularly bad if you have a mold or moss outbreak. We can clean your roof once for an instant boost to your curb appeal, and if you’d like, we can develop a schedule to keep your roof free from moss and mold all year long. To extend the life of your roof and keep it free of these contaminants, ask us for a free estimate or schedule a visit from Adwell Services today!

Why Hire Our Professionals to Wash Your Roof?

Even if you’re up to the task when it comes to DIY projects around the house, it is recommended that you leave something like roof washing to the professionals. Adwell Services has been providing roof cleaning service in Bowie for many years, and we have the training required to ensure no damage occurs to the roof, and we have the tools to ensure we can complete the project without walking all over your roof. When it comes to washing your roof, you don’t want to risk damaging it, and you don’t want to risk falling from the roof. You can easily slip or lose balance if you’re not used to working on roofs. We have all the necessary roof washing equipment to clean your roof from top to bottom and know how to do it without damaging it.

What About Roof Washing Kits?

These kits typically attach to your hose and spray cleaner out at the beginning, and then by the end it’s all water. This means that you end up with the first part of your project clean, and by the end, you’re just watering the moss and mold. In our experience, homeowners in Bowie are often left disappointed, especially if they try to do a “spot” cleaning on these areas, rather than the entire roof. You end up with light and dark patches that often look worse than the streaks! Compare the cost of multiple cleaning kits (plus your time and energy) to the cost of a roof washing by Adwell Services and it’s easy to see.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to your dirty roof, give Adwell Services a call and we’ll give you a free estimate. We are simply the best roof cleaning company in Bowie. We look forward to working with you!


It would be really great if we could just squirt a little detergent on your roof and years of growth would simply evaporate.  However, that simply isn’t how it works.
So, here’s what you should expect:  Once we treat your roof, all growth will be dead, causing no further damage to the shingles.  However, the growth will take some time to rinse safely from your roof.
Black streaks (algae) turn light brown or disappear when treated, & typically rinse down within a few rains.  Moss turns white or light brown.  However, because moss has roots it takes longer to rinse from the roof.  Lichen turns white or tan when treated.  Lichen have even heartier roots & take the longest of all to disappear, sometimes several months or longer.

FAQ On Our Roof Cleaning Process

That depends on the condition of your roof & the environment around your home.  Algae, moss, & lichen grow best in shaded areas.  Most roofs stay clean for 3-5 years.

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While algae may only be visible growing on part of the roof, it is present on the entire roof.  The visible areas have the highest concentration of algae.  Treating part of the roof may cause the growth to come back more quickly.  This is the reason we don’t offer a warranty on partial roof cleaning.
In addition, there is often more growth present than can be seen from the ground.  Algae, moss, lichen can be present in areas that are obscured from view.
With that said, the decision is yours.  We offer a full roof package & a package that covers up to 1/2 of the roof.  The 1/2 roof package is often used by homeowners who want to improve the curb appeal of their house when they put it up for sale. 


The biodegradable detergent we use to destroy the growth on the roof has the ability to damage growth on the ground.  As a result, we take professional measures to protect your landscaping.  These include using a professional surfactant to keep the solution from running off as much as possible, using water to dilute overspray, & bagging downspouts when necessary.
Despite these measures, occasionally a few leaves may turn brown.  We do our best to avoid this, & typically the landscaping does fine.

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