Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all spent money on products or services & afterwards felt disappointed.  We never want that to be your experience with Adwell Services!  Because our focus is on Customer Happiness, you’ll get the high-quality, expert cleaning service that you want, but you’ll also get the other things that make for a great experience – professionalism, friendliness, integrity, and maybe even a little fun!

We believe that you should get what you pay for.  When you hire Adwell Services, you pay for Customer Happiness.  Therefore, we guarantee Customer Happiness.  What happens if we make a mistake?  Every business does.  Because our mission is Customer Happiness, we will never be happy until you’re happy, and we do everything we can to make things right.  If we simply cannot make you happy with our service, we do not charge for the work.

Yes, & this is one of the most important questions to ask any service company.  We carry Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, & Liability insurance for your peace of mind.

It depends.  For many quotes we are able to get enough information online to provide an accurate quote.  In situations where we cannot get adequate information online, we typically stop by and take a quick look at the exterior of your home to get the information we need.  Of course, you can always expedite the quote by sending us pictures of your home.  Our goal is to provide an accurate quote as quickly as possible.

Yes.  Except the small animals.  We don’t currently accept those.

Yes, though for the safety of our crews & the integrity of the work our schedule during the winter is sometimes based on the weather.

We don’t need anyone to be home for our exterior services.  If no one is home, we email an invoice with a link to an online payment portal.  However, if we are cleaning interior windows, we will need to come inside the house.
Because we are cleaning with water, light rain or passing showers really aren’t a problem.  We try to keep our work on schedule as much as possible.  Of course, our first commitment is to the safety of our crews & the integrity of the work.  If we would need a snorkel & flippers to provide the service, there may be a better day for the cleaning.
We use a variety of methods & techniques, depending on the situation.  On the exterior, we often use specially designed poles & brushes to clean the windows with purified water, allowing us to work safely from the ground.  This method also helps to keep the windows clean longer.  On the interior, we typically use soap & water with squeegees.
We feel it’s important to provide accurate pricing to our clients.  Because the type, style, and access to windows vary so greatly, we price by the job rather than by the window.

We offer options for both exterior & interior window cleaning.

Yes.  We include screen cleaning when we clean the inside & out of the windows, & it can be added to our exterior only package.

That varies based on the location of your home (near a highway, in the woods, etc) as well as personal preference & budget.

Yes, we can set up a regular window washing quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or whatever schedule you prefer.

Regardless of when you clean windows, the one thing that’s certain is that they will get dirty again.  Window cleaning is ongoing maintenance.  That said, our anecdotal observation is that windows cleaned in the fall/winter tend to stay clean longer, as there is less dust, bugs, & other debris than during other seasons.
We use a low pressure, detergent-based technique that cleans better, lasts longer, & has less risk of damage than pressure washing. We apply this detergent to the siding, trim, & exterior face of the gutters, allow it time to dwell, & rinse the siding clean.  This ‘soft-wash’ method tends to last longer because it destroys the algae & mildew growing on the house.

Yes, our professional detergent is formulated to safely destroy algae (green) & mildew (black) growth on your siding & trim and it keeps it off longer than power washing.

Our house wash detergent is diluted so that it can be safely used around landscaping with minimal risk.

We typically clean residential siding up to 3 stories.  Depending on circumstances, we can clean a commercial building up to 6-7 stories.

Black or green areas on a roof are algae growing on the roof, feeding on the shingles.  Moss & lichen can also grow on shingles, & they put down roots, loosening the shingle granules & compromising the integrity of the roof, not to mention the appearance.  Destroying this growth not only improves the appearance of the home but also protects the life of the shingles.

Power washing a roof to remove growth also dislodges the granules of the shingles, shortening the life of the roof & likely voiding the warranty.  Non-pressure roof cleaning, or ‘soft washing’, consists of applying a professional detergent to the shingles without using any pressure to effect the treatment.  The detergent has a built in surfactant that keeps it in place while it destroys the algae, moss, & lichen growing on the roof without damaging the shingle granules.  The biodegradable detergent neutralizes in a short time and rinses down safely in the rain.

Pressure washing causes irreversible damage to a shingle roof.  Non-pressure roof cleaning (or ‘soft washing’) destroys the growth without using any pressure & preserves the integrity of the shingles.

Our professional detergent destroys the algae, moss, & lichen growing on the roof at the time of the application.  However, the dead algae, moss, & lichen may remain on the roof for a few days, weeks, or even longer in some cases.  This allows time for the roots to naturally disintegrate so that the growth will safely wash down in the rain without removing shingle granules in the process.  If we were to remove moss & lichen before the roots disintegrate, we would remove some of the shingle granules with them (think about pulling a weed in a garden – you always get some dirt with it).

Clogged gutters & downspouts contribute to poor drainage around a home, & can create water issues in the walls or around the foundation of the house.

It depends on the setting of your home.  If you’re in a setting with a lot of tall trees, your gutters may need to be cleaned every 3 months or less.  If you are not in a wooded environment, once or twice a year may be sufficient.
Yes, we can set up your gutter cleaning quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or whatever schedule you prefer.