Who We Are

Hi, I’m Matt Adwell, President of Adwell Services.  Let me tell you a little about our story.
I started cleaning windows after I graduated from Annapolis High School, when I volunteered full time and needed part-time work to support myself.  Window cleaning ended up sticking.

I worked with a local company for 18 years, holding positions that ranged from Senior Technician to Lead Trainer to Residential Division Manager.  I learned a lot about business, but I learned more about people.

Adwell Services is founded upon a simple vision – Give People What They Want!

Over the years, when my clients talked, I listened.  People constantly told me what really mattered to them, so I built Adwell Services to solve their problems.  Our mission of Customer Happiness is deeply rooted in this vision.  It permeates everything we do.
I realize that this is Our Story, but I want you to see that Adwell Services is really about YOU.  I like doing business with people, & I’m betting that you like doing business with people too.  No matter who answers the phone or shows up at your door to clean your property, you are always doing business with me.  


Matt Adwell, President
Adwell Services