Edgewater Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing in Edgewater

Your driveway is exposed to all sorts of harsh elements throughout the year, and over time these things can build up and become ugly and slippery. From organic materials like pollen, moss and mold, to inorganic materials like dust, oil spills, and grease, over time it can become quite ugly and incredibly slippery when wet. If it’s time to have it cleaned, it’s time to give AdWell Services in Edgewater a call. Our professional power washing technicians can help remove these ugly and slippery contaminants from your driveway and other concrete surfaces!

Giving your driveway, sidewalk, porch, patio, and other hard surfaces a good power washing will beautify your home’s exterior and boost your curb appeal! If you’re in need of a top-notch pressure washing service, Adwell Services can help you maintain and clean your driveway in Edgewater today.

What’s so great about pressure washing?

Pressure washing is great because it’s just water. There are no harsh chemicals, no abrasives used, no scrubbing, and no mess to clean up at the end. It’s just water. Stains, oil, and grease on your driveway can be tough to remove without proper tools. To buy your own power washing equipment would be very expensive, and without training, you may end up damaging your property and end up with huge amounts of water everywhere. AdWell Services technicians are trained to use proper pressure and techniques while cleaning to maximize cleaning and minimize water usage. You can trust the many homeowners in Edgewater who have used our services and had a wonderful experience!

Pressure washing removes a variety of contaminants at once:

If your concrete has started to appear dull or dingy, or if you’ve got dark spots near your sprinklers, it may mean that moss has taken root within the porous structure of the concrete, meaning scrubbing will not make it go away. Likewise, oil spills can sit below the surface of the concrete, meaning scrubbing and even soap and water might not do the trick. With power washing, high pressured water is sprayed at the concrete so that everything removed and rinsed away.

Pressure washing is more eco-friendly than detergents or harsh chemicals:

It’s just water! Getting your driveway pressure washed doesn’t require chemicals to dislodge the contaminants. You don’t have to worry about the effects on your lawn, plants, or pets. Power washing is a great alternative to harsh chemicals for cleaning concrete, asphalt, brick and other masonry. Sometimes when using the chemical approach you will get streaks, and an ugly, uneven clean. It might even look worse than when you started! Why risk it when the pros are just a call away?

If you’re ready to get your concrete or other hard surfaces cleaned and looking as good as new, give Adwell Services in Edgewater a call today. We go above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with all of our services. We strive to be the best pressure washing service Edgewater has to offer by offering top notch services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pressure/Soft Washing Service

Power washing accomplishes cleaning by using water pressure to blast away dirt & debris.  Low pressure cleaning, also called soft washing, uses biodegradable detergents to accomplish the cleaning.  Because the cleaning is done by the detergent, high pressure is not needed for the cleaning.  In many situations this produces a higher quality product with reduced risk of damage.

Cleaning siding with low pressure reduces the risk of damage to your home.  Power washing can damage windows & blast away caulking & sealant.  It can also force water underneath the siding & into the soffits, causing issues with mold.  Finally, high pressure can create marks on the siding that permanently damage the appearance of the home

We dilute our professional house wash detergent so that it is safe to use around landscaping with minimal risk.

That is up to personal preference.  Algae & mildew typically return every 2-3 years in our area, though that can vary depending on the setting of your home.  Many of our clients like to have their home washed annually to prevent algae/mildew & to wash away dirt/bugs/debris etc.

We offer applying spray wax as an option with a low pressure house wash.  This is a wax similar to what is used at a car wash & is designed to add a bit of water repellency to the siding.  This may improve the appearance & keep it clean longer.
We include washing the exterior face of the gutters (the part you see when you look up from the ground) with our standard house wash.  This washes away the algae, mildew, dirt, & debris.  However, some gutters develop dark striping over time that does not simply wash away.  Gutter brightening is a process to lighten or remove these dark stripes.
Because most composite decking has a finished surface, power washing can cause permanent damage to the deck.  We use professional detergent & low pressure to safely clean composite decks & railings.
The detergents used to professionally clean wood lower the pH level of the wood.  After cleaning & rinsing the wood, applying a mild acid neutralizes the wood, restoring the natural pH level.  This improves the appearance of the wood & prepares it to be stained or sealed.
We don’t currently offer those services.  However, we are able to clean wood surfaces to prepare them for stain or sealant.
Concrete can be cleaned safely using moderate pressure & a professional surface cleaner designed to produce an even appearance.  Applying detergent brightens the appearance of the concrete & destroys algae & mildew, helping the concrete stay clean longer.