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House Washing in Millersville

Regular house washing can really make your home stand out amongst the rest in the neighborhood. Having your house cleaned with the intention of selling is a great way to boost your curb appeal, but regular house washing can make your home stand out all year long.

Whether it’s moss, mold, or algae that has taken root on your siding, the experts at Adwell Services are equipped to take care of it. Our soft house washing techniques are safe for all types of siding, and our technicians are trained to ensure the safe operation of our equipment. We have been serving Millersville for many years and have had many satisfied customers! Here are some of the reasons you may want to have your house washed professionally:

Cleaning Dirt – There are many reasons you may have dirt and dust on your siding, and it may be more obvious to see if your siding is a lighter color. If you live near an area where dirt gets kicked up, it will of course stick to your siding. It can also happen after a storm. House washing services from Adwell Services in Millersville will gently lift dirt and dust from your siding, leaving you with a sparkling clean exterior.

Eliminating Microorganisms – If you’ve noticed green or black streaks on the outside of your home, you may have an outbreak of mold, algae, or moss. These microorganisms thrive on areas of your home that are shady, or don’t dry properly after it rains. Our house washing service can eliminate these streaks by getting rid of the organisms. Our technique uses low pressured water jets and specially formulated cleansers. That makes it safe for all types of siding.

It’s Faster – The technicians at Adwell Services in Millersville use special tools that allow us to deliver our cleaning agents to your home quickly and efficiently. Store bought house washing products almost always attach to the garden hose, or require a rinse at the end, something that’s not always feasible all year round. These products can sometimes produce mixed results, leaving streaks and clean spots, making it look worse than when you started. We don’t use high pressure on your siding, and we don’t use abrasives to scrub, just water and our special cleansers.

It’s Safer – If you choose to have your siding washed by a professional house washing company, you are receiving the benefit of years of training, specialized tools, and the liability coverage of the company you’ve hired. Compare this to a questionable store-bought kit and you can see there’s really no comparison at all. Adwell Services has been serving Millersville for many years, and our technicians are trained to use a variety of tools that we have at our disposal. If you’ve got a pressure washer and try to clean your siding, you could easily damage it, or get water behind it, which can lead to disaster later.

If you’re interested in the professional house washing approach, give Adwell Services in Millersville a call today. We’ll give you a no-obligation, free estimate on our house washing or any of our services!


When you think about pressure washing, you likely have an image of dirt being blasted away with something like a gazillion psi of water.  In reality though, high pressure cleaning is not always the best option because blasting away at your home with high pressure can cause irreversible damage.  Soft Washing (also called Low-Pressure Cleaning) is often a better way.
What is Soft Washing?  Professional detergents are applied using a pressure washer with special attachments that lower the pressure to a safe level and mix in detergent at a specific proportion, strong enough to work but not strong enough to do damage.  These detergents help accomplish the cleaning, reducing the need for high pressure.  After a short time, the dirt is simply rinsed away at low pressure, leaving your home looking beautiful!
There Are Several Benefits To A Professional Soft Wash:
  • Reduced risk of damage
  • Increased safety for workers
  • More efficient cleaning
  • Better cleaning designed to last longer

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pressure/Soft Washing Service

Power washing accomplishes cleaning by using water pressure to blast away dirt & debris.  Low pressure cleaning, also called soft washing, uses biodegradable detergents to accomplish the cleaning.  Because the cleaning is done by the detergent, high pressure is not needed for the cleaning.  In many situations this produces a higher quality product with reduced risk of damage.

Cleaning siding with low pressure reduces the risk of damage to your home.  Power washing can damage windows & blast away caulking & sealant.  It can also force water underneath the siding & into the soffits, causing issues with mold.  Finally, high pressure can create marks on the siding that permanently damage the appearance of the home

We dilute our professional house wash detergent so that it is safe to use around landscaping with minimal risk.

That is up to personal preference.  Algae & mildew typically return every 2-3 years in our area, though that can vary depending on the setting of your home.  Many of our clients like to have their home washed annually to prevent algae/mildew & to wash away dirt/bugs/debris etc.

We offer applying spray wax as an option with a low pressure house wash.  This is a wax similar to what is used at a car wash & is designed to add a bit of water repellency to the siding.  This may improve the appearance & keep it clean longer.
We include washing the exterior face of the gutters (the part you see when you look up from the ground) with our standard house wash.  This washes away the algae, mildew, dirt, & debris.  However, some gutters develop dark striping over time that does not simply wash away.  Gutter brightening is a process to lighten or remove these dark stripes.
Because most composite decking has a finished surface, power washing can cause permanent damage to the deck.  We use professional detergent & low pressure to safely clean composite decks & railings.
The detergents used to professionally clean wood lower the pH level of the wood.  After cleaning & rinsing the wood, applying a mild acid neutralizes the wood, restoring the natural pH level.  This improves the appearance of the wood & prepares it to be stained or sealed.
We don’t currently offer those services.  However, we are able to clean wood surfaces to prepare them for stain or sealant.
Concrete can be cleaned safely using moderate pressure & a professional surface cleaner designed to produce an even appearance.  Applying detergent brightens the appearance of the concrete & destroys algae & mildew, helping the concrete stay clean longer.